This Is How We End Climate Change

Who Is Allan Yeomans?

....  Allan is the originator of the concept of soil carbon sequestration. His concept was first described in his 1989 paper "The Agricultural Solution To The Greenhouse Effect".



Here are the FACTS, and ANSWERS

you need to know,

to save our biosphere from

runaway over-heating.



For you, on the farm, on the property, on the ranch there is one thing that you can do much better than nature can. And you can do it in an instant. How? By gentle subsoil cultivation you can create the ideal soil environment for soil life to produce stable humus. And the all the carbon in that humus comes from atmospheric carbon dioxide.


Atmosphere & Oceans & Predictions

The biosphere is an incredibly thin skin covering the planet where life lives. It occupies a space of 0.2 % of the diameter of the Earth and then it’s mostly all air. Life has been altering that skin for million years. Asteroids aside – prior changes took millions of years - not 75. Deliberately our awareness has been skillfully massaged to avoid us recognising the terrible waste and disastrous consequences we’ve been encouraged to generate.


Yeomans Invents Soil Carbon late 1980s

“SOIL CARBON” is a name conveniently structured to confuse. It includes coal dust – old truck tyres - almost anything.  “HUMUS” is very specific. It’s a collection of large but inert and stable carbon based molecules. It’s the end product in the water and oxygen assisted biological decomposition of dead soil life. Its surface is a store house for all the minerals needed for nutritious plant life. Plants evolved to use humus.


Yeomans Methodology
Practical, Accurate

If you're a farmer, and farming is your living would you be happy to give building soil humus for Carbon Credits a go on your farm while complying with this methodology? I've tried to make it as workable as possible. If you can, or might, issue carbon credits and you're either government or private,  are the cross checks and securities built into this Yeomans Methodology workable for you?


Carbon Still – Testing for Humus

YEOMANS CARBON STILL          using Loss On Ignition (LOI)  *Big 2,000 grams sample size *Dries sample in 30 minutes to 100°C *LOI Temperatures - 350°C to 550°C *Complete LOI in 60 to 90 minutes *Integral weighing in-situ at 100°C  *Accuracy  1/1000  *No laboratory needed. Farm shed OK With accurate infield sampling kit. Electric Powered Sling Mounted 4 inch auger.  Sampling sieves. 


Feedback from farmers experiences

This will contain ideas and experiences from farmers in the field and information we pick up from around the world. It will take a bit of organising as some info is in different languages.


Indirect and Direct Nuclear

It’s easy, practical and economical to switch to biofuels for transport and it’s easy, practical and economical to switch to both nuclear energy systems, direct and indirect, for city and industrial power. We must remind ourselves that so called “sustainable” energy or “renewable” energy are only sustainable and renewable because they’re nuclear based. Thats indirect nuclear.  



Removing the carbon dioxide overload is an essential. Doing it cheaply and soon gives humans the chance, the possibility, that we might actually be able to restore the Earth’s weather to normal. My concept of systematically increasing the fertility – actually the humus content – of all our World’s agricultural soils can do that. Sadly I see  no other option. This is about how we start that ball rolling.



Here we talk about the incredible artful and
sickening manipulation of public opinion.

Unfortunately, it’s actually become a highly paid advertising and art form.


Your job is to increase the humus content of your soil and be paid for it. This is how.

Your job is to increase the fertility and therefore humus content of your farm soil by whatever means works best. Then you are to be paid for that increase. You can grow whatever you like. You can have any stock you want and as many as you think best. Succeeding is entirely up to you.


FIRSTLY: This web site spells out exactly how we can totally end global warming.
SECONDLY: It’s a simple, truthful information site explaining our biospheres over heating problem in clear detail.

I believe, and have produced this web site believing that the majority of thinking people on Earth want global warming to cease and for the composition, and thus the optics of the atmosphere, to be returned to their pre-industrial normal.
This web site spells out how we can get the carbon dioxide overload out of the air, and how we then keep it out.


Welcome- this is our Home Page. At the start is shows you how to best navigate around this site.

This is primarily a Global Warming information web site. It presumes the majority of thinking people on Earth want global warming to cease and for the composition, and thus the optics of the atmosphere to be returned to their pre-industrial normals. This web site spells out how we get the carbon dioxide overload out of the air, and how we then we keep it out.


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Practical, Accurate
7. Carbon Still – Testing for Humus 8. Feedback from farmers experiences 9. Indirect and Direct Nuclear
2. REAL FACTS AND NOT MASSAGED “OPINIONS” 1. Who Is Allan Yeomans? 13. FIRSTLY: This web site spells out exactly how we can totally end global warming.
SECONDLY: It’s a simple, truthful information site explaining our biospheres over heating problem in clear detail.

10. FUNDING AND SHOWCASING FUELS 11. FAKE NEWS OUT SELLING FACTS 12. Your job is to increase the humus content of your soil and be paid for it. This is how.

“Freedom for all religions can’t exist when tied to politics and


unties those knots”

To see how go to


“This Web Site details the only feasible, practical and economical way we now have to stop and end global climate change.”

– Allan Yeomans 1/1/2023 .

Website includes

*Simple Accurate measure of 1240 year humus levels

*Renewable energy is all nuclear based

*Manipulative disproportionate environmental issues

*Oil/Gas funds only negligible environmental issues

*Biodiversity issues pointless with planet overheating



Climate Change I believe is still fixable and it’s a win-win for all if we do, but we have very little time left. Don’t act now, or within a few months, and a horrible future becomes inevitable.  



 I believe that you people born this century or born late last century – Generation Z- along with a few interested and responsible people in the older generations –“the young and the few” – I believe they are our only hope – you are our only hope, in preventing the massive destabilisation of the weather systems in our Earth’s biosphere.

Many of you – “the young and the few” – hope and believe, that knowledge and determination will beat propaganda and irresponsibly portrayed and distorted facts, and even absolute fiction. Protests are one of your obvious and powerful weapons.

But your protests must incorporate logical and believable answers.

For the generation following you, it will be too late. Of that there is no doubt.

For the generation just preceding you, living is hard enough, and extraneous commitments are high. So too many of them have put it all in the “too hard” basket. And in that basket is where confusion has been deliberately and meticulously generated to confuse, successfully, so many.of them.

The street protests and the sit-ins you have all been organizing and participating in, have, in so many cases been outstanding. I congratulate you. You have been vociferous in your demands for the “climate action” and you certainly get plenty of publicity and I’m sure politicians are taking notice.

The problem is that the government action you call for, the positive action you call for – action that will save our planet from runaway global warming, sadly, the politicians listening to you don’t know and don’t understand themselves, what should be done.

It’s for you to know or trust in, and it’s all at this web site. Then you tell your politicians, use your protests to make them listen. You, demanding actions that make sense, that are logical and feasible, and actions that you insist should start right now, is what you must do. You have to make them sit up and take notice.

Ending climate change is still possible but time wise, sadly, is much too close to the impossible.

The heating of the biosphere from having too much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has begun to overly increase the biosphere’s atmospheric greenhouse effect. The biosphere gets hotter.

To continue selling the products that cause the heating, the public relations/ advertising agencies suggested a string of tactics. It is the job they’re paid to do. One was that the “greenhouse effect” should be renamed “global warming” as that didn’t sound so unsustainable and dangerous. And then again to help further, it was renamed as the even more benign sounding “climate change”.

All deliberately masterminded to both allay fears and generate confusion. These PR manipulations allowed the acceleration of the heating processes to where it’s close to being, beyond human control.

The brutal disregard for the very future of humanity, by the fossil fuel and agrochemical corporations and countries of the world, is almost incomprehensible. Reality was that the top technical people working for them had themselves predicted the high probability of the catastrophic consequences of the massive increases in humanities use of fossil fuels and agrochemicals, and like the cigarette company before them they decided not to care. They even employ the same advertising – public relations organizations previously employed by the tobacco companies.

They definitely don’t deserve your sympathy, nor mine.

Fossil carbon’s reign must end now.

  That’s our job.

There are two things we must make happen – you must make happen, to end the Earth’s excess – Greenhouse Effect – Global Warming – Climate Change. (You give it a new name. they do.)

One; We stop putting it in, and

Two; We start taking it out


 Nuclear energy is a totally sustainable energy system and we must always acknowledge it, as so. It must always go on any list of “sustainable fuels”.


The World,s first nuclear merchant ship.
NS Savannah passing under the Golden Gate Bridge in 1962
[thank you Wikipedia]


Abridged link to Wikipedia — Nuclear Ships of the World pkD18dnKbgQU0%3D&dpr=1&ved=0ahUKEwjc_eO0-world





The Happening That Must Be


Firstly: Humanity must cease adding even more greenhouse gasses to the atmosphere. especially methane That necessity is now generally appreciated by thinking people. And is claimed to be appreciated by the fossil fuel-agrochemical people.

How we do that has been meticulously and systematically and constantly distorted. As a result, what’s most noticeably missing is the clear understanding of the remarkable and proven safety record of nuclear generated electricity. And we should also appreciate and understand that all “sustainable energy”  as now promoted is only “sustainable” because it’s nuclear energy based. The Sun’s internal fusion process and the Earth’s internal uranium fission reactions supply the “sustainable” energy.


Secondly: and most importantly we must remove the atmosphere’s existing carbon dioxide overload. And that’s a stark reality that, – so conveniently for the agrochemical industries – so rarely sees the light of day.

It’s seems so remarkably absent. Probably because removing the air’s CO2 overload involves a massive international move to a more “organic” type of agriculture, i.e. almost chemical free agriculture. And we must remember that the production of agrochemicals is second only to transport in its consumption of oil.


Unfortunately, our atmosphere’s current CO2 overload, and that’s with zero future emissions is already high enough to ensure continuous biospheric heating and temperature rises, all with their catastrophic consequences, way into the future.

It’s essential that the atmosphere’s carbon dioxide overload is removed starting ASAP. Rapidly increasing the humus content i.e. fertility of our agricultural soils is the easiest and cheapest and most practical way, and is the sane way of removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.  And we must pay our farmers as they make it happen.

Humus is important, so we need to know what humus is.

Humus is the final product in the aerobic decomposition of soil life. It is composed of very large yet stable molecules with a determined average existence in soil by radio-carbon dating of between 1,140 and 1,235 years. Some was found in the Egyptian Pyramids. Humus can carry within its structure over 5 times it’s own weight in plant available water.

The outer surfaces of humus molecular substances also act as storing system for plant required minerals and so holds essential elements loosely enough for plant growth but strongly enough to prevent their otherwise inevitable leaching when it rains.

A humus definition should never include fossil derived molecules such as lignite. Lignite is another name for brown coal. Lignite is effectively a fossilized form of humus.

Poor soils contain less than 2% humus. Super rich and super fertile soils often contain over 10% humus. Decomposing grass roots are acknowledged the best and most prolific raw material for humus formation.

The arithmetic of using humus to remove carbon dioxide from the air is simple.

Humus molecules average 58% carbon and thus their formation is the absolutely ideal carbon sink. As carbon dioxide contains only 27% carbon.

To produce a tonne of soil humus therefore removes 2.15 tonnes of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Good soil contains roughly between 3% humus and 5% humus.
Then we start building nuclear power stations. For starters we build them on the same lot as the existing coal or oil-fired power plants. The infrastructure is already there. When the nuclear boiler is built, going nuclear then amounts to pulling a few switches. Coal to “Off” nuclear to “On”.

So we go to our politicians to save us and organize a better way to run our societies, our industries and our environment while we still have a chance of averting what is becoming glaringly obvious, a very disastrous and very expensive and very dangerous world.

So what do politicians do in any democracy to get a plausible answer to such problems, and also simultaneously, to as much as possible – cover their butts?

They go to their own governmental advisors for answers. They go to the bureaucracies they were elected to manage. They go to established and respected institutions and they go to universities. They ask them all.

And if there’s some sort of consensus then that’s what they do. But in the case of Climate Change that process has systematically been made not to work. Why is that?

Well governmental processes are also well understood by the fossil fuel-agrochemical industries – the “Fossil Carbon Lobby” they are our enemy and they figured out long ago what to do. It would be necessary to get to government people first, and first by a long way. They had to make sure the answers the politicians receive were answers that suited their interests. Answers that would quell any rising public fears and concerns. Answers that ensure that the general public, our concerned citizens, the community in general and the street protesters (although the protesters would have been seen as more of a well-crafted manipulation exercise) all necessary to stop making waves.

The Fossil Carbon Lobby systematically and continuously feeds answers to the officials with power to ensure there would only ever be negligible impact on the sales figures of their deadly commodities. The commodities creating humanities massive biospheric overheating problem.

To help their own cause, the Carbon Lobby also embraces the logic of dreaming up  “solutions” to global warming that they’ve invented themselves. Solutions that they know, most definitely won’t work. Solutions that hopefully will shut “complainers” up so business could continue.

Another effective tack to confuse the whole issue is to create a myriad of minor and effectively irrelevant and often non existing biodiversity threats. This is also a great way for the Carbon Lobby to split their opposition. That’s all of us.

They also like to fund research at universities, such as grants to fund selected PHD research. For example, the Enemy could support funding for a study of whether “Roundup A” had more kill power on a particular parasite than did “Roundup B”. Such research has the additional advantage that universities are then producing “Doctors of Science” but with no great knowledge nor expertise outside the agrochemical industry itself. Such, often distinguished graduates would probably never have heard of organic farming, nor biodynamics nor soil humus.  To them they would simply become “alien concepts”.

Consider the money available in their “war chest” In the sale of any product adding 2% or 3% to the costs to allow for advertising and promotion is not a big advertising allocation. Cosmetics producers, for example can have as much as 60% of the manufacturing cost of their products going direct to advertising and promotion. That’s just the way it is.

Fossil carbon industries have an advertising war chest to spend of over $1 billion a week to confuse us and to make us believe in their poisons.

Now let’s look at oil. World oil production ranges around 80 to 100 million barrels a day. A barrel is a just under 159 litres.  At an oil price of around $60 a barrel the money available to convince the masses that all is under control and that cheap and effective solutions are just around the corner, works out at numbers like $1 billion or $2 billion or more a week as an advertising allocation. If we then add in natural gas, their war chest becomes enormous. That sort of money buys a lot of influence in governments around the world. It can buy a lot of government executives and politicians and can certainly buy a lot of media advertising space.

But it can’t buy you young people. Most of you will have children in the not too distant future and in turn it can’t buy for your children a decent and improving and hopefully safe future.

For you to constructively combat and beat the destabilization of your planet’s oceanic and atmospheric temperatures and circulation systems, and to be successful in combatting global warming, then you must clearly understand a few simple principals. Things that you have probably always known but the fossil fuel and agrochemical corporations and countries kept telling you, “You are wrong.”

But believe me, you aren’t wrong and you won’t be wrong.

It’s essential: When you tell the politicians and people listening to you what they have to do and then effectively demand it of them. You need to know you are on the right track and not, yourself being fooled.  Or you need to trust that your advisors are on the right track. These are essentials.

If we all understand what we’re saying here, and it is mostly common sense, then we can win.

You need your politicians, the people you are trying to influence to know exactly what you want them to do.

You also need to be diligent and extremely suspicious of any “cause” that directly or indirectly ultimately benefit fossil fuel or agrochemical manufacturers or producers. If it does they’re probably behind it, somehow. That’s what they do all the time.

In a nutshell, putting it succinctly, to win against global warming, and against the fossil fuel agrochemical organizations that cause it. Organizations who obviously seem to dismiss the dreadful fires and the deadly floods and storms caused by it as “just collateral damage”. Things have to change.

The result we need is a world with rich fertile soils, mostly will be of human making and almost automatically producing healthy, tasty and nutritious foods. And a world powered primarily by inevitably unlimited nuclear power. Power that manufactures ammonia, or charges batteries to run self-contained transport. (Of course cars with ethanol-electric converters can help there.)

Humus and both direct and indirect nuclear is your promise for a safe and healthy and energy abundant life.

But not for the array of organizations and states that now “feed” on fossilized carbon materials, like chemical fertilizers, they won’t be happy. But they are, after all, the people that caused our Earth’s biosphere to massively overheat.

There is absolutely no down-side for us. That’s right, no down-side at all. Saving civilization as we know it by those two actions gives us innumerable other benefits i.e., soil erosion drops massively as humus levels rise. Humus can also loosely bond soil particles in a way that actually cuts down the dust content of a dust storm. The food is vastly more nutritious and additionally, suddenly tastes great again.

You will also live longer, and be healthier and have a fitter life. And energy will finally become both cheap and absolutely unlimited.