This Is How We End Climate Change

Who Is Allan Yeomans?

formatfactoryimg_0838Allan is the originator of the concept of soil carbon sequestration. His concept was first described in his 1989 paper "The Agricultural Solution To The Greenhouse Effect".


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For you, on the farm, on the property, on the ranch there is one thing that you can do much better than nature can. And you can do it in an instant. How? By gentle subsoil cultivation you can create the ideal soil environment for soil life to produce stable humus. And the all the carbon in that humus comes from atmospheric carbon dioxide.


Born After 1985 “The world is your oyster” “not bloody likely?”


Stopping Global Warming Tactics

Here we will summarise the actions you can do to make things happen. And why they are important. Each of us will have some unique ability to help twig the way we work and live, so that climate change stops. That’s the start of stabilizing and normalising our Earth’s weather and oceanic systems.  


Funding to stop Climate Change

Ending global warming and terminating climate change can be, near enough to a cost-free exercise.. We stop subsidizing the “bad guys” – fossil fuels and agrochemicals and start subsidizing the “good guys” – that’s organic type farming and biofuels. The money us, the world tax payers, fork out in subsidizing the sales of fossil fuels and agrochemicals is insane.  It just  guarantees that climates will get progressively worse for centuries, and we're paying for it .  


Carbon Still – Testing for Humus

YEOMANS CARBON STILL          using Loss On Ignition (LOI)  *Big 2,000 grams sample size *Dries sample in 30 minutes to 100°C *LOI Temperatures - 350°C to 550°C *Complete LOI in 60 to 90 minutes *Integral weighing in-situ at 100°C  *Accuracy  1/1000  *No laboratory needed. Farm shed OK With accurate infield sampling kit. Electric Powered Sling Mounted 4 inch auger.  Sampling sieves. 


Adopting the Yeomans Methodology

If you're a farmer, and farming is your living would you be happy to give building soil humus for Carbon Credits a go on your farm while complying with this methodology? I've tried to make it as workable as possible. If you can, or might, issue carbon credits and you're either government or private,  are the cross checks and securities built into this Yeomans Methodology workable for you?      


Energy Systems and Nuclear

It’s easy, practical and economical to switch to biofuels for transport and it’s easy, practical and economical to switch to nuclear energy for industrial power. We must remind ourselves that so called “sustainable” energy or “renewable” energy are only sustainable and renewable because they’re nuclear based.  


How bad can it Get?

If you're just voting age or younger - the reality is that if we don't remove the atmosphere's excess CO2 now, you will have a horrible and short life.


Fossil Fuels & Agrochemicals use fake News

Fossil fuels and agrochemicals are the prime causes of Global Warming. It’s logical to appreciate that Global warming cannot end if those organisations continue to exist. Those organisations know that. So, they use fake news, political lobbying and perception management to confuse the issue.


Crusaders & Volunteers – Together: how we can make ending Climate Change become a reality

The fossil fuel-agrochemical complex understands that to keep selling their products in an overheating world is a marketing exercise. I believe this is the only way we can save our biosphere and, maybe, beat them at their own game.


Home Page & how to navigate around this site

 This is primarily a Global Warming information web site. It presumes the majority of thinking people on Earth want global warming to cease and for the composition, and thus the optics of the atmosphere to be returned to their pre-industrial normal. This web site spells out how we can get the carbon dioxide overload out of the air, and how we then keep it out.


Welcome- this is our Home Page. At the start is shows you how to best navigate around this site.

This is primarily a Global Warming information web site. It presumes the majority of thinking people on Earth want global warming to cease and for the composition, and thus the optics of the atmosphere to be returned to their pre-industrial normals. This web site spells out how we get the carbon dioxide overload out of the air, and how we then we keep it out.

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"The urgent problem is getting rid of the excess carbon dioxide that's already there. Soil can do that.

Emissions reductions must become zero, but that can be phased in over the next two to three decades."
Allan Yeomans. January 1998

Yeomans LOI Soil "Carbon Still"© test takes two hours. Accepts huge 2,000 gram test sample. 550°C

Plus - Yeomans Soil Test Protocol
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10. How bad can it Get? 11. Fossil Fuels & Agrochemicals use fake News 12. Crusaders & Volunteers – Together: how we can make ending Climate Change become a reality

BORN AFTER 1985?  You have a problem – because older generations have put global warming in their too-hard baskets. That means the global warming and climate change issue is now firmly in your court. In simple terms the solution to global warming is four things;
1) palm oil and sugar, use it
2) soil humus , make it
3) nuclear energy, support it
4) established environmental movements, don’t trust them

Being more specific, for self powered transport we all must switch totally to ethanol and biodiesel.
For our food supply we switch to organic type farming, which efficiently removes carbon dioxide from the air.
We then must power our cities and industry with nuclear energy.
And lastly the environmental industry; it dreams up rare bugs, rare beetles and rare birds but it’s all really structured to keep the fossil carbon industries themselves “sustainable”. Chapter 9 in my book PRIORITY ONE Together We Can Beat Global Warming I spell out the top 50 ways they try to confuse the issues and “redesign” truths. It shows why the major environmental movements simply can not  be trusted. For you the reality is, the curing of global warming and climate change has been dumped on your shoulders. It may not be deliberate, but it is reality.

Your parents, probably the baby boomers, are happy enough to admit that mitigating global warming is important. Too many of them are also quite happy to presume it’s a problem for a future that is probably beyond their own life spans. They accept their conditioned concept that it will be future generations that have to make standard of living sacrifices as climate change effects manifest. Sadly they are even happier still to believe that there is doubt and uncertainty and confusion surrounding the issues. It thus makes sense that being responsible it is wise, justifiable and understandable to postpone decisive issues for the time being. And that’s what most of them do, and that’s just a convenient cop out.

I am older still; my kids are baby boomers, so why should I be concerned? Well I will say that if it couldn’t be fixed, or if I couldn’t see how it could be fixed, then I wouldn’t be interested. But I am. I am interested because I know how it can be fixed, and because I also recognize that some powerful industries require it to continue. I have two reasons – two motivations, two things that got me going .

Firstly: with a tremendous amount of research I came to understand the problem and how serious it really is. That knowledge I feel obliged to pass on. It is just too important. The expertise I do have results from the combination of several factors.

For most of my life I have been involved in techniques and systems for the rapid increase in the stable organic matter content of agricultural soils. That is what makes a soil fertile. That is what defines a fertile soil. I have learnt how easy and economical it is to manufacture soil fertility, both in small scale and large scale farming operations.

With ethanol and biodiesel, on almost a daily basis I’m in contact with sugar cane farmers. I know about ethanol and biodiesel production and it’s not hard. A postgraduate course on nuclear radiation and radioisotopes helped my understanding of nuclear energy generation.

For many years meteorology and racing gliders was my passion. On environmental issues I’ve always thought things were being over played for some reason that at first I didn’t appreciate. Now I know why. Maybe that collection of disciplines is not that common, but with them and with a little arithmetic it became apparent that global warming was easily and economically fixable, and it also became apparent that a few powerful people didn’t want it fixed.

I felt I had to write PRIORITY ONE. It was as if I had no choice. It is unlikely that the book will ever approach self-funding, especially as I initially made it freely available on the net. And also I’m no Tom Clancy. The second reason to write the book, and spell it all out is; I don’t like to be conned. It is hard to believe but it is true, there is not one single solitary environmental movement anywhere in the world whose principal and prime mission is ending global warming. In absolute contrast it seems that every single major environmental movement in the world, directly or indirectly and often unknowingly, supports the fossil fuel and agrochemical industries.

Those industries’ never ending, over emphasis on often hypothetical biodiversity issues ‘s legendary and unjustified. For example: it translates into meaning they would rather the Amazon burn than use the timber to compete with fossil carbon based materials or energies. A competition that would help significantly help stop global warming.

Think about it for a couple of minutes. Their take on global warming issues is confined to insisting you personally inconvenience yourself. Get up and turn off that extra light, ease up on the air conditioner, drive a seven-cylinder car not a V8. And with all these silly asks, they ask you, nay, they expect you, to applaud and appreciate their displays of pseudo environmental responsibility. Don’t let them blindside you.

They don’t want you to wake up to the simple reality that Global warming and climate change is a big problem. A problem that won’t go away until they go away.

It’s the problem of your generation. It’s your problem because it’s your world where the mess is really going to start costing. The best way for you to handle it, the best way to change your government’s policy – that I don’t know. But handle it you must, and it can start just with the food you eat. At this site is spelled out how global warming can be totally stopped cheaply and quickly. But getting the word out, being heard, making action happen, is a different problem. It’s your problem.

Writing the book was mine. I would suggest as a start, each of you steer or direct, say 20 people, to this site. People will then link up, friends will join together and start talking, and then, somehow things will start to happen. There are some good people out there, so you’ll get help, but not a lot. You get something going and I’ll help any way I can. In the world you are inheriting, I say life can be good. I say keep your V8, just run it on ethanol from say South America. Corn and grains won’t work, it makes more sense to harvest the often abundance sap of a plant, as with sugar and palm oil than the tiny weight of seeds a plant produces to repersute.

If it’s what you want then keep the air conditioning going full bore, and light the place up, provided only that nuclear energy supplies the electricity. Buy in a pizza; get it delivered, that’s OK, provided it’s organically grown. You’ll know it’s healthier. It will certainly be tastier and above all else it’s stopping global warming.

The reality is; it’s up to you and your generation.

Raise soil organic matter by one tenth of one percentage point a year, and we peg CO2 levels as of today. Raise them by 2% points and we get totally back to normal. Global warming is then finished. Go nuclear and go biofuels, and it stays finished. Go save the world, because all too soon, it’s all going to be yours. Allan Yeomans. ##################################################### Measuring carbon changes in a farmer’s soil to pay him—–go to to  Red Button 7 Funding  the overload CO2 out, and to keep it out ————– go to Red Button 13 .”