This Is How We End Climate Change

Who Is Allan Yeomans?

formatfactoryimg_0838Allan is the originator of the concept of soil carbon sequestration. His concept was first described in his 1989 paper "The Agricultural Solution To The Greenhouse Effect".


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For you, on the farm, on the property, on the ranch there is one thing that you can do much better than nature can. And you can do it in an instant. How? By gentle subsoil cultivation you can create the ideal soil environment for soil life to produce stable humus. And the all the carbon in that humus comes from atmospheric carbon dioxide.


Born After 1985 “The world is your oyster” “not bloody likely?”


Stopping Global Warming Tactics

Here we will summarise the actions you can do to make things happen. And why they are important. Each of us will have some unique ability to help twig the way we work and live, so that climate change stops. That’s the start of stabilizing and normalising our Earth’s weather and oceanic systems.  


Funding to stop Climate Change

Ending global warming and terminating climate change can be, near enough to a cost-free exercise.. We stop subsidizing the “bad guys” – fossil fuels and agrochemicals and start subsidizing the “good guys” – that’s organic type farming and biofuels. The money us, the world tax payers, fork out in subsidizing the sales of fossil fuels and agrochemicals is insane.  It just  guarantees that climates will get progressively worse for centuries, and we're paying for it .  


Carbon Still – Testing for Humus

YEOMANS CARBON STILL          using Loss On Ignition (LOI)  *Big 2,000 grams sample size *Dries sample in 30 minutes to 100°C *LOI Temperatures - 350°C to 550°C *Complete LOI in 60 to 90 minutes *Integral weighing in-situ at 100°C  *Accuracy  1/1000  *No laboratory needed. Farm shed OK With accurate infield sampling kit. Electric Powered Sling Mounted 4 inch auger.  Sampling sieves. 


Adopting the Yeomans Methodology

If you're a farmer, and farming is your living would you be happy to give building soil humus for Carbon Credits a go on your farm while complying with this methodology? I've tried to make it as workable as possible. If you can, or might, issue carbon credits and you're either government or private,  are the cross checks and securities built into this Yeomans Methodology workable for you?      


Energy Systems and Nuclear

It’s easy, practical and economical to switch to biofuels for transport and it’s easy, practical and economical to switch to nuclear energy for industrial power. We must remind ourselves that so called “sustainable” energy or “renewable” energy are only sustainable and renewable because they’re nuclear based.  


How bad can it Get?

If you're just voting age or younger - the reality is that if we don't remove the atmosphere's excess CO2 now, you will have a horrible and short life.


Fossil Fuels & Agrochemicals use fake News

Fossil fuels and agrochemicals are the prime causes of Global Warming. It’s logical to appreciate that Global warming cannot end if those organisations continue to exist. Those organisations know that. So, they use fake news, political lobbying and perception management to confuse the issue.


Crusaders & Volunteers – Together: how we can make ending Climate Change become a reality

The fossil fuel-agrochemical complex understands that to keep selling their products in an overheating world is a marketing exercise. I believe this is the only way we can save our biosphere and, maybe, beat them at their own game.


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 This is primarily a Global Warming information web site. It presumes the majority of thinking people on Earth want global warming to cease and for the composition, and thus the optics of the atmosphere to be returned to their pre-industrial normal. This web site spells out how we can get the carbon dioxide overload out of the air, and how we then keep it out.


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This is primarily a Global Warming information web site. It presumes the majority of thinking people on Earth want global warming to cease and for the composition, and thus the optics of the atmosphere to be returned to their pre-industrial normals. This web site spells out how we get the carbon dioxide overload out of the air, and how we then we keep it out.

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"The urgent problem is getting rid of the excess carbon dioxide that's already there. Soil can do that.

Emissions reductions must become zero, but that can be phased in over the next two to three decades."
Allan Yeomans. January 1998

Yeomans LOI Soil "Carbon Still"© test takes two hours. Accepts huge 2,000 gram test sample. 550°C

Plus - Yeomans Soil Test Protocol
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10. How bad can it Get? 11. Fossil Fuels & Agrochemicals use fake News 12. Crusaders & Volunteers – Together: how we can make ending Climate Change become a reality




#  We shouldn’t forget — that solar energy comes from the constant nuclear fusion reaction in the Sun.

# And wind energy comes from the daily ground temperature changes as the solar radiation goes through its night and day cycle.

#  And geothermal heat energy derives from the constant fission of uranium within the Earth.

It’s “sustainable” and it’s “renewable” because it’s nuclear!   


Nuclear fission reactors will need to be, and I’m sure will be the main electric power producers for all industrial societies in a few years and biofuels and batteries will power our self-contained transport systems. Wind and solar power systems may supply a small but significant proportion of the total if we continue to pour money down those drain holes. Fusion power is an incredibly expensive pipe dream and too far away to be of relevance to global warming.


Every developed country should be like France and be totally self-sufficient in safe cheap nuclear generated electric power. China is gearing up to build some 400 nuclear power stations. That’s more than enough to power both the US and Canada. Wholesale price of that power would be about 3 cents. Same as, or cheaper than coal or gas.

The alternative is, “let the heating continue” and have nations constantly at war. At war to keep their  to grab somebody else’s usable un-flooded land. Or at war to keep the usable un-flooded land they own. Those wars are inevitable.

The standard of living of all societies, especially Western Societies will drop dramatically and stay down for a very long time.

There are only two serious threats to the fossil fuel countries and corporations. And they are nuclear energy and biofuels. Biofuels costs are around $100 a barrel. Ball park they’re about the same or a little dearer than petroleum based petrol and diesel. For best theoretical efficiency it requires a slight change to engine timing and compression ratios. As a driver you couldn’t tell the difference. So the oil industry and the oil producing countries are terrified.

Nuclear power:  Recognise clearly that burning fossilized carbon materials for energy , they being gas, oil, coal and peat kills and maims more human beings than any system or product created by man. Our current “relatively safe” systems of using and handling the fossil fuel power production kills at least a thousand times more people than does nuclear electric power system when generating the same power, and that includes the deaths at Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Perception Management is incredibly effective.
We’ve been sold a bunch of lies. Despite nuclear’s almost ridiculously safe history and its incredibly tiny risk factors we’ve been conditioned to “know”, dip within us, that it’s all somehow very dangerous. We all “know” deep down, and irrationally, that “nuclear waste disposal is a huge problem that will last for thousands of years”, and of course we all “know” that even the tiniest dose of nuclear radiation could trigger a deadly cancer.
It becomes surprisingly difficult to even doubt such ingrained “truths”.


The fossil fuel countries and companies created the hypothetical “nuclear waste problem”.  Mostly we store it for later use. A lot of it is too valuable to just dump. But if you want to dump it just drop it in a subduction trench. A subduction trench is where the ocean floor, near continents, dives down into the Earth’s upper mantle. It’s like a slow, up-side-down volcano. Anything that falls in is gone for a million, maybe a billion years. Never to be seen again. It’s gone forever. Mix the waste with concrete and drop the blocks into one. It’s not “polluting the oceans”, it’s dumped in the ocean’s own geological drain holes and it finally becomes part of the Earth’s molten interior.

They’re called “subduction zones” or “ocean trenches” . They are the deepest part of the Earth’s surface. Dump Mount Everest in some and it would be all under water.

The fossil fuel people managed to stop subduction zone disposal of nuclear waste from it ever happening by having it classed as “dumping at sea” in international treaties, like household trash. And people fell for the “fake news”. The cheap, safe and simple subduction zone solution never saw the light of day.

The most sensible biofuels are ethanol from sugar cane and biodiesel from oil palms. To make biodiesel you  just mix ethanol and palm oil with a little caustic soda  to act as a catalyst all in say a 200 litre drum, and then wait a couple of days. A slow chemical reaction then produces two layers of liquid in the drum. One is pure biodiesel and the other is glycol. Glycol’s main use is in the production of a range of plastics. So there is no waste. Of course large scale commercial production is a little more sophisticated. But not much more.

Both sugar cane and the palm oil tree grow best in the hot wet tropics. That’s the reason the oil companies dreamed up the “save the Amazon” and the lie that it’s a producer of oxygen. The, so lovely “lungs of the world” advertising slogan.  And the complementary lie that it removes carbon from the air.
If it did, where is all that carbon?
There’s no carbon rich humus in the soils of tropical jungles so after a few thousand years the trees would have to be at least a mile high.
“Lungs of the World” hog wash, it’s a sick and deceitful advertising gimmick .


I talk about nuclear history in my book Priority One. The following are a few pages from the chapter The Sabotaging Of Nuclear Energy. which highlight the concept. (I wrote this about twenty years ago, and nothing’s changed)

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