This Is How We End Climate Change

Soil Carbon Tests. Big Cheap & Easy

         using Loss On Ignition (LOI)
*Big 2,000 grams sample size
*Dries sample in 30 minutes to 100°C
*LOI Temperatures - 350°C to 550°C
*Complete LOI in 60 to 90 minutes
*Integral weighing in-situ at 100°C
*Accuracy  1/1000
*No laboratory needed. Farm shed OK
With accurate infield sampling kit. Powered 4 inch auger. Powered mixer, Sampling sieves. 


Optics Determine Biosphere Temperatures

The sun determines the average surface temperatures of the solar system's inner planets provided only that they revolve creating day and nights. The Earth's internal heat has almost zero effect on our biosphere's temperature. This applies to any stable revolving planet with Earth like distances from its home star.   


Quotable Facts and Numbers

If we continue to use agrochemicals and fossil fuels, we cannot prevent catastrophic climate change. And those industries know it. Their marketing policy then must be to create doubt, to generate confusion and to totally split opposition to using and relying on their incredibly dangerous products . Below is what they really don't want you to understand


Aus’ Government Dumps Yeomans Methodology

Stopping all the world's carbon emissions today can't stop future centuries of continuous warming. So it's imperative that we start by removing our existing carbon dioxide overload. Sadly, the Department of the Environment and Energy here in Australia is quite clearly not prepared to take the concept of removal seriously.


Instilling Complacency and Money

When the voting public wakes up and begin to understand what is actually happening now with climate change now - and what it means to them - and they begin to appreciate the horror of what is in store for them in the months and years ahead - they will vote for action now. This site says what action that must be. And nobody has a sane "plan B". And there's no time to invent one.


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Written Library & Video Library

We are assembling a collection of meaningful and factual references and videos. They will go here. It will be similar to the Video Library at our  Yeomans Keyline Plow site at---   This new library is going to take me some time to get it up and running. There probably won't be much before Late January 2017-- Allan Yeomans.


Stop Press On Today’s Fictions

The Owners of the Tobacco Industry intended to survive and prosper despite the inconvenience of their products killing millions of their customers. To maintain sales, advertising their own individual brands became far less important than allaying fears in the millions of customers still alive. Their most significant weapon became the well structured manufacture of doubt in the public mind. Was smoking really that dangerous?


Who Is Allan Yeomans

For general introduction Google -- Allan Yeomans Wikipedia -- This gives a good summary. Allan is the originator of the concept of soil carbon sequestration. His concept was first described in his 1989 paper "The Agricultural Solution To The Greenhouse Effect". This paper was his  presentation to the Esalen Congress on Sustainable Agriculture. Big Sur, California January 1990.


Soil Carbon How It Happens

Tell me in a nut shell.

How does soil carbon sequestration work?

How do you take the carbon dioxide out of the air and put it into the soil?

Allan Yeomans answers:  
"Happily it’s a completely natural process. The world’s grasslands illustrate it best and they're the best soils in the world.


Link to Yeomans Plows and equipment

In the early 1950s, on our family farms in New South Whales we developed a system of farm management we called "Keyline". My father was the genius behind the whole concept. He was a geologist and mining engineer originally and turned this expertise onto the problems of water storage and handling for on-farm water storage and low cost irrigation. He understood insightfully the role for the enhancement of soil fertility in all forms of farm management. My role was in equipment design, and i did think up the name  "Keyline" to describe it all.   


How we produce enough abundant, cheap, energy continuously for 7.5 billion people. Without adding carbon to the biosphere.

In round figures we have dumped near a liter of dry ice on every square metre of the Earth's surface. It behaves like a sheet of glass the same thickness and adds to the greenhouse effect. We humans came into existence on this planet when it was covered with two sheets of glass. Now it's got three and we are getting runaway heating. It's crazy to destabilize the  Earth's entire biosphere just to keep the fossil fuel organizations in business


Getting the $10 Trillion to remove the excess carbon dioxide from the air comes from stopping our tax money funding fossil fuels and chemical based agricultural.

Our Global Warming problems are caused by the excess carbon dioxide in the air now. Not the particular rate we are currently adding to that excess. (For how to stop the adding, go to Button 12.)   So our immediate and urgent requirement is to realign the proportions of carbon within the biosphere. We turn atmospheric carbon (as CO2) into soil carbon (as soil humus and organic matter). Each country must accept its historic individual responsibility and pay to make that realignment happen. Countries must insist that neighbors and friends follow suit.

3. Quotable Facts and Numbers 4. Aus’ Government Dumps Yeomans Methodology 5. Instilling Complacency and Money 6. Home Site & Navigating Around This Site 7. Written Library & Video Library 8. Stop Press On Today’s Fictions 9. Who Is Allan Yeomans
2. Optics Determine Biosphere Temperatures 1. Soil Carbon Tests. Big Cheap & Easy 13. Getting the $10 Trillion to remove the excess carbon dioxide from the air comes from stopping our tax money funding fossil fuels and chemical based agricultural.

"The urgent problem is getting rid of the excess carbon dioxide that's already there. Soil can do that.

Emissions reductions must become zero, but that can be phased in over the next two to three decades."
Allan Yeomans. January 1998

Yeomans LOI Soil "Carbon Still"© test takes two hours. Accepts huge 2,000 gram test sample. 550°C

Plus - Yeomans Soil Test Protocol
(for info click Button 1)

10. Soil Carbon How It Happens 11. Link to Yeomans Plows and equipment 12. How we produce enough abundant, cheap, energy continuously for 7.5 billion people. Without adding carbon to the biosphere.

Salvation is – – SOIL NUCLEAR and BIOFUEL

                  and FUNDING CONFUSION  

                       Every year we buy and burn approximately —       

3    billion tonnes  of  gas

4    billion tonnes  of  oil

9    billion tonnes  of  coal

                       That burning produces

50 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide


                      Money available to buy: –  Public Opinion, Advertising,
                      Political Influence,   Perception Management, Bribes, etc.
                      at say a tiny 1% of sales for coal and gas, and say
                      US $2 a barrel for oil, they would have available —–


——-  $84 billion per year for public relations
                            (That’s over $1.5 billion a week.)

Below is the rubbish the money pays for, and in turn is fed to us. All to keep the fossil fuel and agrochemical organizations in business and thriving.  

        This is what they say, and how things work———-

All happened before   

       Yes, but only once in the last billion years. Over the last billion years continents have drifted slowly around the plant. Sea levels have varied by hundred of metres. At one time the whole planet was covered in ice and snow. It was a period called “Snowball Earth “. All these things happened, and the changes happened over millions of years. If life existed at the time it had time to evolve to suit. The one time it didn’t was 65,000,000 years ago when a fourteen kilometre size asteroid hit the planet and wiped out the few hundred million reign of the dinosaurs.  So it did actually happened before, but only once.

It’s All Natural cycles  

       Over the last million years or so, every hundred thousand years an “Ice Age” would become established and then, due to very tiny perturbations in the Earth’s wobbles and its solar orbits the ice age would slowly dissolve into an Inter Glacial period of around 20 thousand years. All human civilisations that have ever existed have occurred in our current interglacial period. The Earth’s biosphere should now be very slowly cooling. Blaming our current warming on natural cycles is a marketed fiction.  

They don’t mention that:- Sun light is now weaker than it has been for decades.
      It’s all because the Sun is putting out more heat is another fossil fuel created and supported marketing fiction. The realty is the Sun is putting out less heat than it has for decades.

350 ppm – 400 ppm and we can’t stop it rising
       I remember when atmospheric carbon dioxide levels were 275 ppm. Then they started to rise and the tame fossil fuel scientists assured us that there would be no significant changes in weather factors at 300 ppm. Then we passed 300 ppm. Then 350 ppm  became a safe figure, then 400, and maybe even 500 ppm when that starts to come up.  

1.5°C then 2°C is probably okay

       Average temperatures have been slowly rising . Remember a couple of years ago when the highly paid, very tame scientists consulting to the fossil fuel industries, told us that world temperatures has stabilize and were no longer climbing and we could therefore all relax. Now the public relations machinery admits temperatures are going up like crazy; but we’ll all be OK if we keep it below a 1.5°C.
         They tell us now that because world temperature are going up, we “will possibly have to adjust to come changes in weather phenomena, in some parts of the world”. It’s now promoted that it’s only really dangerous if temperatures get to 2°C  above the 1950 biosphere temperatures.
       It’s sad, but every lie, every promoted fiction, put out by the fossil fuel industries is believed by some or other group of people.

Protecting biodiversity is hammered. Stopping the heating is carefully ignored.
         It pays the fossil fuel and chemical industries to actively and financially support the protection of biodiversity. There are an enormous number of people especially in advanced Western Society that are now seriously concerned about the world’s environment. If we don’t get rid of the excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere we will all lose, and we then  relegate to extinct, somewhere around 50 percent of all species currently living on planet Earth. Some argue it might be “only” 20 percent to 30 percent that we will lose.

         There are thousands of species that will be lost. If each individual environmental movement can be coerced into spending all their efforts and interests on some rare cuddly creature or some specific breed of whales, bull nosed dolphins, bilbies, polar bears, or king penguins, or

whatever the fossil fuel public relations machine can dream up that could be “threatened”, they use it. They then feed the organizations money to save the polar bears or whatever, or to travel the world and carry out some essential research, and all becomes lovely, and the species will be “saved” and all will be well.  The “minor” stipulation is only that the money is for the, polar bear/whatever, and only for the polar bears, and global warming issues are not ever to be on the “Polar Bear/Whatever agenda of the particular organization.  

      The whole thing is incredibly successful. Consider this: The IUCN, the International Union for Conservation of Nature, calls itself and is promoted as, “the global authority on the status of the natural world and the measures needed to safeguard it”. It is a union or all the major conservation organizations in the world. It’s the body that advises the United Nations on environmental issues. Google them and look up the membership list. But somehow, for some reason the IUCN has no meaningful interest in stopping, preventing or even minimizing global warming. Their pitch is how to have the wild life and live with the heating.


The fiction that trees help when actually they’re worse than useless

The concept of umbrellas in the sky to lower the sun’s heat, things like dumping sodium particles in the stratosphere could lower temperatures but the world’s oceans continue to become destructively acidic.

Remember “peak oil”. It was a giant fiction. But the message seemed to be that global warming couldn’t last as oil would run out. (But — the US, for example has enough for 800 years at current oil consumption rates)

“Capture and storage” is a giant “feel good” fiction. One ton of easy to mine fossil carbon fuel becomes 3 tonnes of CO2, and that’s over 2,000 cubic metres of expensive to capture and expensive to bury CO2.

Energy conservation is promoted for fossil fuels, but that’s utterly pointless. All it means is that we run out a few years later.  

Energy conservation with nuclear energy is also utterly pointless. Humanity could never run out of nuclear energy.

Energy efficiency:  Same comments apply as with Energy conservation. It’s a “feel good” public relations gimmick.

Solar cars are an oil industry, public relations programme. They fund the solar car races. The reality is that energy from solar cells on a motor vehicle cannot power a normal car’s air conditioner.


Hot rock technology is promoted as having great promise but reality is that it has too many expensive and probably unsolvable problems.    

Photovoltaic is massively subsidized, but cannot handle one single rainy week.

Solar cells efficiency are not yet as efficient as a car engine running on ethanol

Battery breakthroughs get a lot of publicity but can never really be an economical system for more than one day’s power consumption.

Solar power can’t work without a full power grid connection that is rarely used but must always be on “stand by”. An unused base line power supply that’s rarely used is a huge, but carefully  hidden cost.

Fusion energy is considered by the nuclear industry to always be available “50 year in the future”. We don’t have time to gamble on vague possibilities.

Gas, as an intermediary is a marketing fiction. Natural gas power generation produces around double coals greenhouse gas production      

Agrochemicals do not produce more food than chemically free organic type agriculture. And on farm food production costs are negligibly different (see Rodale Institute organic food cost comparisons).