This Is How We End Climate Change

Soil Carbon Tests. Big Cheap & Easy

         using Loss On Ignition (LOI)
*Big 2,000 grams sample size
*Dries sample in 30 minutes to 100°C
*LOI Temperatures - 350°C to 550°C
*Complete LOI in 60 to 90 minutes
*Integral weighing in-situ at 100°C
*Accuracy  1/1000
*No laboratory needed. Farm shed OK
With accurate infield sampling kit. Powered 4 inch auger. Powered mixer, Sampling sieves. 


Optics Determine Biosphere Temperatures

The sun determines the average surface temperatures of the solar system's inner planets provided only that they revolve creating day and nights. The Earth's internal heat has almost zero effect on our biosphere's temperature. This applies to any stable revolving planet with Earth like distances from its home star.   


Quotable Facts and Numbers

If we continue to use agrochemicals and fossil fuels, we cannot prevent catastrophic climate change. And those industries know it. Their marketing policy then must be to create doubt, to generate confusion and to totally split opposition to using and relying on their incredibly dangerous products . Below is what they really don't want you to understand


Aus’ Government Dumps Yeomans Methodology

Stopping all the world's carbon emissions today can't stop future centuries of continuous warming. So it's imperative that we start by removing our existing carbon dioxide overload. Sadly, the Department of the Environment and Energy here in Australia is quite clearly not prepared to take the concept of removal seriously.


Instilling Complacency and Money

When the voting public wakes up and begin to understand what is actually happening now with climate change now - and what it means to them - and they begin to appreciate the horror of what is in store for them in the months and years ahead - they will vote for action now. This site says what action that must be. And nobody has a sane "plan B". And there's no time to invent one.


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Written Library & Video Library

We are assembling a collection of meaningful and factual references and videos. They will go here. It will be similar to the Video Library at our  Yeomans Keyline Plow site at---   This new library is going to take me some time to get it up and running. There probably won't be much before Late January 2017-- Allan Yeomans.


Stop Press On Today’s Fictions

The Owners of the Tobacco Industry intended to survive and prosper despite the inconvenience of their products killing millions of their customers. To maintain sales, advertising their own individual brands became far less important than allaying fears in the millions of customers still alive. Their most significant weapon became the well structured manufacture of doubt in the public mind. Was smoking really that dangerous?


Who Is Allan Yeomans

For general introduction Google -- Allan Yeomans Wikipedia -- This gives a good summary. Allan is the originator of the concept of soil carbon sequestration. His concept was first described in his 1989 paper "The Agricultural Solution To The Greenhouse Effect". This paper was his  presentation to the Esalen Congress on Sustainable Agriculture. Big Sur, California January 1990.


Soil Carbon How It Happens

Tell me in a nut shell.

How does soil carbon sequestration work?

How do you take the carbon dioxide out of the air and put it into the soil?

Allan Yeomans answers:  
"Happily it’s a completely natural process. The world’s grasslands illustrate it best and they're the best soils in the world.


Link to Yeomans Plows and equipment

In the early 1950s, on our family farms in New South Whales we developed a system of farm management we called "Keyline". My father was the genius behind the whole concept. He was a geologist and mining engineer originally and turned this expertise onto the problems of water storage and handling for on-farm water storage and low cost irrigation. He understood insightfully the role for the enhancement of soil fertility in all forms of farm management. My role was in equipment design, and i did think up the name  "Keyline" to describe it all.   


How we produce enough abundant, cheap, energy continuously for 7.5 billion people. Without adding carbon to the biosphere.

In round figures we have dumped near a liter of dry ice on every square metre of the Earth's surface. It behaves like a sheet of glass the same thickness and adds to the greenhouse effect. We humans came into existence on this planet when it was covered with two sheets of glass. Now it's got three and we are getting runaway heating. It's crazy to destabilize the  Earth's entire biosphere just to keep the fossil fuel organizations in business


Getting the $10 Trillion to remove the excess carbon dioxide from the air comes from stopping our tax money funding fossil fuels and chemical based agricultural.

Our Global Warming problems are caused by the excess carbon dioxide in the air now. Not the particular rate we are currently adding to that excess. (For how to stop the adding, go to Button 12.)   So our immediate and urgent requirement is to realign the proportions of carbon within the biosphere. We turn atmospheric carbon (as CO2) into soil carbon (as soil humus and organic matter). Each country must accept its historic individual responsibility and pay to make that realignment happen. Countries must insist that neighbors and friends follow suit.

3. Quotable Facts and Numbers 4. Aus’ Government Dumps Yeomans Methodology 5. Instilling Complacency and Money 6. Home Site & Navigating Around This Site 7. Written Library & Video Library 8. Stop Press On Today’s Fictions 9. Who Is Allan Yeomans
2. Optics Determine Biosphere Temperatures 1. Soil Carbon Tests. Big Cheap & Easy 13. Getting the $10 Trillion to remove the excess carbon dioxide from the air comes from stopping our tax money funding fossil fuels and chemical based agricultural.

"The urgent problem is getting rid of the excess carbon dioxide that's already there. Soil can do that.

Emissions reductions must become zero, but that can be phased in over the next two to three decades."
Allan Yeomans. January 1998

Yeomans LOI Soil "Carbon Still"© test takes two hours. Accepts huge 2,000 gram test sample. 550°C

Plus - Yeomans Soil Test Protocol
(for info click Button 1)

10. Soil Carbon How It Happens 11. Link to Yeomans Plows and equipment 12. How we produce enough abundant, cheap, energy continuously for 7.5 billion people. Without adding carbon to the biosphere.

First — the basic fact, and that is —
“Salvation is – – SOIL, NUCLEAR and BIOFUEL”

                             Second — Is spinning the dis-information so that —
“Salvation —  NEVER HAPPENS” 

Because it worked so well for cigarettes, doubt automatically became the weapon of choice for the agrochemical and fossil fuel industries. Doubt Is Their Product by David Michaels is a wonderful book and thesis on the deliberate manipulation of the public’s understanding of the risks of smoking. The whole concept has come to be called “Perception Management”. It is an incredibly powerful tool. And Perception Management has become a highly paid art form. Read the review on the book at It makes the image they sell clear. I knew people personally that were in the tobacco industry. Most of them tended to believe their own advertising and public relations departments, quite probably to allay their own personal feelings of guilt The people in the fossil fuel industries, and I believe the agrochemical industries use the same advertising and public relations companies and even the same tamed “scientific experts” who are called in to give credence to any suitable an acceptable theme the corporations decide to promote. It’s acknowledged in the industry that the most nullifying counter to perception management is to have the reader wary of the “information” he’s reading about. Perception management doesn’t work at all if the information is not blindly taken at face value. Here I intend to just report my suspicions on reference articles as they appear. Then you be the judge.

Paris Summit on Climate Change December 2015 Over 190 members of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) have signed – and 81 have ratified – the Paris agreement. That sounds very positive but those representatives from the 190 countries were manipulated professionally. They just weren’t given the chance to look for alternatives. Nobody could, so nobody wanted to “buck the system”.  What a shame. To me it would appear that   — Paris Summit on Climate Change was a win-win for fossil fuels and agrochemicals. You decide. This is what those hundreds of delegates, at a huge cost to all  agreed to; —— in essence it means ——————— a]   try to stay below 2 deg C b] learn to adapt but don’t be short on food c]   throw lots of money around on low emissions hypotheticals. Plus we should all learn to live with climate change (It seems,stopping it and fixing it,  was not a consideration === This is my comment-  and that of most people I spoke to agree)    So you decide: This is from the report ——— Officially, last year’s Paris summit was the 21st session of the UNFCCC membership, and the conference had been working towards this deal for more than 20 years. As Article 2 of the UN Paris agreement states, its objectives are three-fold: “(a) Holding the increase in the global average temperature to well below 2°C above pre-industrial levels and to pursue efforts to limit the temperature increase to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels, recognizing that this would significantly reduce the risks and impacts of climate change; (b) Increasing the ability to adapt to the adverse impacts of climate change and foster climate resilience and low greenhouse gas emissions development, in a manner that does not threaten food production; (c) Making finance flows consistent with a pathway towards low greenhouse gas emissions and climate-resilient development. Signatory countries also aim to reach “global peaking of greenhouse gas emissions as soon as possible.”                                                 ============== (please note – this has nothing to do with the,very worth while, French   “4 per mille imitative” .

3                                                                                  15  January 2017 update

Look up Aliso Canyon Gas Leak on Wikipedia. it’s in Southern California. From October 2015 to February 2016 there was a methane gas “leak” from a huge natural gas storage facility. This facility is located within the Country of Los Angles. The methane leak is the equivalent of a 10,000,000 tonne carbon dioxide atmospheric build up in the air for a ten year period. After many decades methane gas breaks down in the atmosphere into carbon dioxide. In a hundred years it’s “only” 20 times as bad as carbon dioxide. The leak  was really a massive blow out, but more conveniently described by the friendly media as just a “leak”.  The Wikipedia entry also notes that “By comparison, the entire rest of the South Coast Air Basin combined emits approximately 413,000 tonnes of methane and 23,000 tonnes of ethane annually.” 

We should note that for ten years after release methane is 100 times worse a greenhouse gas as is carbon dioxide itself. The coal seam gas and shale gas energy systems are, at their very best, no more harmful than coal and often up to more than 5 times as deadly as is using coal to power our cities. After 20 years it’s only 84 times as bad as CO2